Our Purpose

Our purpose is ‘to craft significant projects with bold ideas’.

TG is about ideas + craft. We take bold ideas and use them to craft unique and successful projects. We can do this well because of our people, our passion and our simple structure. We think deeply, we craft with our hearts.

Our projects are significant. We challenge convention, we reinvent existing prototypes, we push the industry forward. We create projects that are beneficial for the occupants, the community and the earth.

Core Values

Our core values define common beliefs and management philosophy shared through all levels of the organisation. The core values guide our daily interactions at work and with our customers. We achieve work excellence through a culture based on the core values.

Personal Values

Integrity – We interact with total honesty and openness, and adopt the highest ethical standards.

Teamwork – We work together effectively to achieve our shared goals. Within TG, we build a strong sense of community and put the needs of the company before individual interests.

Respect – We respect the value and contribution of each individual. We support the personal and professional growth of our employees, and they are appropriately recognised, rewarded and promoted for their performance.

Performance Values

Quality – We take pride in our work and are committed to excellence in everything we do. We set high targets and strive hard to achieve them. We are reliable and keep our promises.

Service – We serve our customers and stakeholders with commitment. We anticipate and respond to their needs. We constantly look for new and better ways to deliver our products and services.

Innovation – We take the initiative to innovate. We dare to dream and take risks in the spirit of making things different and better. With passion, we apply creativity to build a legacy for the future.

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