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07 October 2015

A Visual Feast Of Raw Aesthetics

The Innovative Interiors of Tujuan Gemilang HQ

Great design sells. This philosphy is evident in every project by Tujuan Gemilang to date. But how does a company share its vision with potential investors? We chose to walk the talk and throw in every innovative idea we had into our own office and sales gallery; our home.

Unconventional Techniques

Tujuan Gemilang’s sales gallery is a sight to behold, both light and airy, in stark contrast to the the materials it holds. The 5,000 sq ft office space and gallery is designed with bare concrete, broken bricks and glass. Whilst these materials are heavy, the execution itself is a perfect balance of details and testament to unconventional techniques.

The extensive use of broken bricks for floors and walls was intentional. The original interiors were built out of red brick and as the office spaces underwent restoration, the floors and walls were completely gutted, producing massive brick debris.

Form + Function

Thus opportunity presented itself – to create a bold signature and identity born out of transferring brick debris from old offices. Incorporating these reclaimed bricks into the gallery resulted in reduction of new building materials and continuity of design as seen in the exposed brickwork of the overall PJ Trade Centre building.

Each broken brick is arranged by size and collectively housed in metal deck encasements, serving as partitions and light fixtures. This treatment is carried elegantly throughout the gallery with rooms encased in glass folding sliding doors and slabs of conrete cast for seating and tables.

Natural light flows into the gallery through large glass panelled windows and the building’s brickwork façade, adding to the lightness and crisp finishing of materials. To top it all off, a subtle yet delightful feature greets everyone at the main entrance: custom doorknob spheres, made of entirely of solid concrete, that seem to float mid-air.

The Perfect Call Card

In a short span of a decade, Tujuan Gemilang has won many accolades in various fields. Quite notably, the interior design of this gallery was also honoured in the form of the Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) Gold Award in 2011.

This further validates our believe that given uncompromised effort into creating a novel and signature design into everything we do, our projects will make a lasting impression on anyone. That is value beyond any measurement. Thus, our office and sales gallery makes the perfect place for anyone to get aquainted with Tujuan Gemilang, its truly unique vision and projects.

“We want to do something different, even if it takes longer than usual. The very DNA of Tujuan Gemilang is to craft great ideas with passion.”
– Ahmad Khalif Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal, Executive Chairman of Tujuan Gemilang

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