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12 October 2015

Driven By Purpose

Pushing The Envelope With Every New Project

Tujuan Gemilang is no stranger to challenging the norms. In fact, every project is an opportunity for reinvention and innovation, crafting new firsts which will pave the way forward for the future of architecture. The three main ingredients in all our projects: thought, significance and craftsmanship.

Vision, Direction & Focus

It all begins with heart. As the saying goes, if your heart’s not in it then don’t do it. We put our heart and soul into every idea, pruning and refining until it comes to fruition. Each project is deeply rooted in concept. We are devoted to crafting strong ideas into robust design structures that stand the test of time.

Every structure we build has to have purpose, not merely function. It has to be simple yet significant – something rare, extraordinary, so remarkable that it benefits the environment and most of all, people. Naturally, great styling that will “wow the socks off” any passersby.

PJ Trade Centre saw us returning to our roots. Breaking away from mainstream glass-and-steel office buildings that were not suited for our tropical climate, we paid homage to time-tested concepts of local architecture and materials to essentially create a new paradigm in office buildings.

With Point92 (Menara OBYU), the focus was connecting people with nature. At the core of the design, which was a small 0.92 acre footprint, we managed to incorporate 600 trees; far more than any office building of its size! Such greenery serves a dual purpose – to elevate ambience and reduce the overall building temperature.

At Tamarind Square, the thought was to create hanging gardens where people can connect under the tree. We reimagined the traditional Malaysian shop-office, making it eco-friendly and full of conveniences.

Closer to home, our very own office and sales gallery pioneered the upcycle and reuse brick debris as building material. By incorporating these broken red bricks into the interior design, it reduced the need for new building material and cost, yet creating a signature experience for our guests.

Crafting Significant Projects Is In Our DNA

What sets Tujuan Gemilang apart from the rest is the difference seen in every project, each with its own iconic landmark and character. The one constant throughout is quality, value and simply great design.

In the 10 years since inception, Tujuan Gemilang has won every major award in property development, architecture, interior design, landscape and sustainable design. In fact, Tujuan Gemilang remains the only Malaysian property developer to win the Big Four Property Awards, a solid testament to our mission and work.

Together with our partners and customers, we are making a significant mark, one signature building at a time.

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