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12 October 2015

Great Designs Sell Themselves

The DNA Of All Projects By Tujuan Gemilang

Every Tujuan Gemilang project is enshrined in the immovable standard of quality and excellence in everything we do – from the ground up; from materials, design to details. Each building is crafted with value as they have a life beyond brick and mortar, they become a functioning part of people’s lives for years, if not generations. We design our structures with this in mind.

So what is great design?

According to Vitrivius, great design fulfils these three conditions: firmness, commodity and delight. Ideally, architecture that is designed well is sustainable, gives value to its surroundings, stands the test of time, engages people and represents sound financial value.

People know and appreciate great design when they see one. It is evident when a project goes on the market and is quickly snapped up. Our award-winning projects share this common trait; PJ Tade Centre sold out a year before completion & Point92 (Menara OBYU) is highly tenanted. Tamarind Suites, TG’s first in Cyberjaya, was fully sold out without show units nor fancy brochures.

Simply, modern property investors understand intangible value beyond location and good looks.

A Marriage of Passion & Purpose

Our success can be attributed to great partnership where the achitect’s passion and the purposeful developer come together to create unique and significant projects. We want to leave a legacy for the future, that when people look at what we have built, they will be inspired.

At Tujuan Gemilang, we design with accountability, making things different and better than the last. That’s the principle we hold ourselves to, in facing every new challenge.

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