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Great Things Coming to Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya is now ready to realise its potential as a world-class IT hub – Pic courtesy of Third Avenue (Source)

In May 1997, Cyberjaya was launched as the IT-city of the future.  After almost 2 decades, the southbound wave of development has reached this cornerstone of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). Yet, many investors are still sceptical about its success as it is located about 50km from Kuala Lumpur city. 

Tujuan Gemilang launched the Tamarind Square and Tamarind Suites in Cyberjaya over the past 2 years with positive response from investors. 674 units of Tamarind Suites were sold within 6 months of its soft-launch. Tamarind Square Phase 1 is completely sold and Phase 2 is currently open for sale.

Based on our experience and the feedback from our investors, here are several factors that made Cyberjaya an attractive investment proposition in recent times.

Tamarind Square by Tujuan Gemilang

Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley

The Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley is part of the Malaysian government’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) introduced in 2010. Under this plan, the boundaries of Kuala Lumpur now extends over 10 municipal councils with emphasis on investment in infrastructure and policies to transform it into a global top-25 metropolis.

The results are already showing with many new facilities and transportation infrastructure taking shape. Cyberjaya is a major beneficiary given its close proximity to Putrajaya, Malaysia’s administrative capitol. Cyberjaya is now poised to fulfil its vision of becoming a thriving cyber-city.

Greater KL/KV set to catalyse economic growth – Pic courtesy of PEMANDU (Source)

Greater Accessibility 

Cyberjaya is already linked to many major road networks such as the PLUS, SKVE, ELITE, LDP and most recently the MEX which brings Cyberjaya only 20 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur city centre.  Not many developed townships can claim that travel time to KL city.

While buses and cabs remain the only form of public transportation here at the moment, the recently announced MRT2 (or the Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya Line) will soon connect Cyberjaya to existing and future rail and bus lines in and around KL. The proposed alignment will span 52.2km with an expected end-to-end travel time of 84 minutes.

The upcoming Bus Rail Transit (BRT) system will also see greater accessibility for Cyberjaya, with one of its terminals adjacent to Tamarind Square.

The new BRT corridor encircling major cities within the Klang Valley, including Cyberjaya – Pic courtesy of SPAD (Source)

Growing Population

Cyberjaya has a day-population of approximately 58,000 (35,000 knowledge workers and 23,000 students). This is set to surpass the 100,000 mark in 2016 when many residential components are expected to be completed.

Big Names & Growing Businesses

More than 60 MNCs currently operate here, with Shell, Ericsson, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, DHL and HSBC remaining among the top employers. 

Out of over 700 business entities based here, more than 443 are MSC-status companies and these numbers are growing.

From the property point of view, big property names are already here with ongoing and future residential/commercial projects. They include the likes of SP Setia, OSK, Mah Sing, UEM Land, Emkay and more.  This alone is an observable indicator that properties in Cyberjaya hold great value and potential for future capital gains.

Established Education Hub

While Tamarind Square is only a short walking distance to the Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya is also home to two other international standard universities; Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences.

Segi University is set to join in the other local universities here too which include the Islamic University of Malaysia, Open University Malaysia and the University of Computer Science & Engineering.

Cyberjaya is also home to established colleges, international and local schools.  This bodes well for the rental market as well as convenience for the next generation of residents here seeking world-class educational services.

The world-renowned Limkokwing University in Cyberjaya – Pic courtesy of LimkokWing University

Public Facilities & Amenities

The Street Mall has long since been the Cyberjaya’s hub for convenience, F&B and public transportation.  In 2007, the Cyberjaya Community Club with indoor and outdoor recreational facilities was launched, adjacent to the 400-acre Cyberjaya Lake Garden.

The vast and majestic Cyberjaya Lake Gardens – Pic courtesy of Cyberjaya.name (Source)

Being a role-model city of the future, Cyberjaya is houses state-of-the-art police station, CCTV surveillance, Cyberjaya’s state-of-the-art City Command Centre (CCC) and fire station.

For the moment, the nearest malls are located in Seri Kembangan, Putrajaya and Puchong. Within the next two years, Cyberjaya will have its own mall, resort hotel and more.

The Street Mall is popular among residents and workers in Cyberjaya for over 15 years – Pic courtesy of Setia Haruman

New Projects in Cyberjaya by Tujuan Gemilang

Tamarind Square Phase 2 is now open for sale with 16 units of semi-detached shop-offices and 28 units of garden shop-office.

Please contact us at +603 7725 9800 or +603 7728 0300, or visit us to find out more about the available investment opportunities at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya.

Tamarind Square is set to be the future focal point of Cyberjaya

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