The ideas for point 92 are a refinement of those applied in our first project, PJ Trade Centre.

The idea of breaking away from the conventional glass and aluminium box to create an office building that is more suited to the local climate and context. Of crafting an appealing building with simple local materials. Of being environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible. Of having a strong connection with nature.

While PJTC has a feel that is raw, gritty and industrial, point 92 was intended to be refined and polished. The idea was to show that simple local materials can be crafted to create a building that is appealing and distinctive. The main materials chosen were concrete and local marine plywood.

In particular, we wanted to challenge the conventional thinking in this region that off-form (raw) concrete is neither appealing nor desirable. We believe that off-form concrete is a sustainable material, and wanted to show that it can be used in Malaysia in a simple and economical way, to create an office building that is aesthetically pleasing. White off-form concrete was chosen for the fa├žade, with certain areas in normal grey concrete

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Point 92